Everything You Need To Know About Planning Boxed Lunches For Corporates Events In Washington, DC

Corporate events in Washington, DC, require careful planning to ensure the event's success. One of the most important pieces of that planning is how to feed your attendees. This is where boxed lunches come in. This article will explain everything you need to know about planning boxed lunches for corporate events in Washington, DC.

How To Plan Boxed Lunches For A Successful Corporate Event

Organizing a corporate event can be a daunting task, but planning the food and beverages is one of the most important elements. Boxed lunches are an ideal solution for busy professionals attending corporate events. Here are some tips for ensuring that your boxed lunch planning is successful.

Choose a menu that is appropriate for the occasion

The menu should reflect the event’s theme and take into consideration the dietary preferences of attendees. For example, a business seminar might require more substantial options than a networking event.

Plan quantities carefully

Plan for enough boxed lunches to accommodate all your guests, but don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to be stuck with too much extra food. Also, consider the time of day and what other meals attendees may have had prior to the event.

Order in advance

Once you’ve decided on the menu, order your boxed lunches in advance to ensure that they arrive on time. It is also a good idea to call the caterer or restaurant a few days before the event and confirm the details of your order.

Include utensils

If possible, make sure to include utensils and condiments with each boxed lunch. This will allow attendees to eat their meals without having to worry about finding the necessary items onsite.

Provide beverage options

For corporate events, it is common to provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options. Depending on the type of event and your budget, you may want to offer a selection of drinks for guests to choose from.

What Are The Different Types Of Boxed Lunch Options For A Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event, having delicious boxed lunch options for attendees is a great way to ensure that everyone stays well-fed and satisfied throughout the day. There are many different types of boxed lunch options available, with the following being some of the most popular.


Customizable, classic sandwiches are a great option for corporate events, as there is something to please everyone. Consider offering different types of bread and proteins, such as turkey, ham, and roast beef, along with various spreads like mayo or mustard.


A salad with different greens, proteins, and dressings provides a light yet satisfying meal option. Consider adding various toppings, such as fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits, croutons, and cheese, to make it even more flavorful.


Wraps are an excellent way to give guests something filling without overloading them with carbs. Fillings can include anything from grilled chicken, hummus, and feta cheese to falafel, roasted vegetables, and tahini dressing.


For a more filling meal option that still packs plenty of flavors, burritos are an excellent choice. Fill with beans, rice, shredded lettuce, and cheese for classic flavors, or get creative with Mexican-style fillings such as pork carnitas, pico de gallo, and guacamole.

Bento boxes

For a filling and unique option, bento boxes are a great choice for corporate events. They can be customized to include rice, sushi rolls, kabobs, dumplings, edamame, and more.

No matter what type of boxed lunch you choose for your corporate event, make sure to order it from a trusted company like Washington DC Boxed Lunches to ensure a delicious, fresh meal for all attendees. With them, you can rest assured that your guests will be well-fed and happy throughout the day.

How To Choose A Box Lunch Supplier In Washington, DC That Can Meet Your Corporate Event Needs

When it comes to choosing a box lunch supplier for your corporate event in Washington, DC, there are some steps you can take to make sure you find the right fit.

First, you should do some research to get an idea of the different box lunch suppliers in Washington, DC. You can ask for recommendations from colleagues or search online to find local companies that can provide box lunches for your corporate event.

Once you have narrowed down a list of potential suppliers, it's time to ask questions about their services and capabilities. Find out what types of box lunches they offer and if they can accommodate special dietary requests. Ask about their delivery area, as this will determine whether or not they can service your event. Make sure to also inquire about pricing and any other extras that may be included in the package.

Finally, it's important to ask for references from each supplier you are considering. Ask for the names and contact information of past clients so that you can get an idea of the quality of their service.

What Are The Benefits Of Boxed Lunches Compared To Other Catering Options For Corporate Events

Boxed lunches offer a variety of benefits for corporate events compared to other catering options. The following are some of the most notable ones.


Boxed lunches eliminate the hassle of ordering individual meals for each guest and are an easy way to ensure everyone has something they like at your event. The boxes can be picked up or delivered right to the door, making it convenient for busy event planners.


By providing boxed lunches at a corporate event, you can save money on individual meals. Boxed lunches are typically more affordable than other catering options and provide variety for your guests.


Boxed lunch catering offers more variety than traditional sit-down meals. This ensures that everyone will find something they enjoy and eliminates the possibility of certain guests not being able to find something to eat.

Healthy options

Boxed lunches offer a range of healthy options, including salads, wraps, and sandwiches made with whole-grain bread and lean proteins. This lets you provide healthier meals for your guests while still providing a variety of options.

Ease of cleanup

Cleanup after an event is one of the most time-consuming tasks for event planners. With boxed lunches, all the food can be served in disposable containers, which makes cleaning up much easier and less stressful.

Overall, boxed lunches are a great catering option for corporate events. They offer convenience, cost-effectiveness, variety, healthy options, and ease of cleanup - all important considerations when planning any event.

Contact A Box Lunch Supplier In Washington, DC

Corporate events require careful planning to ensure their success. One very important element of these events is the meal or lunch. This is where boxed lunches come in. With its convenience, a boxed lunch allows attendees to grab and go while still providing them with nutritious and delicious food.

If you're in Washington, DC, and looking for a boxed lunch supplier, look no further than Washington DC Boxed Lunches. They provide quality and affordable boxed lunch selections that are sure to satisfy all your guests. They will deliver the meals right to your door, saving you time and energy. So contact them and make sure your next corporate event is a success.